F  A  Q

What Is The Production Time?

Normal production time (from date of received deposit and order) is approximately 3 – 4 weeks. This is based on the fabric being in stock at the time of the order. Any orders that require customer's own material (c.o.m.), are approximately 4 – 6 weeks for normal production from date the fabric(s) arrive at our manufacturing location.

(This is only an estimate, we do not guarantee production times due to the custom nature of our product).

Do You Sell To The Public?

We do not sell directly to the public. We exclusively sell to  our partner trade professionals and retail showrooms.

May I Supply My Own Material?

Yes, customers own goods (c.o.m.) are accepted according to our specific policy and submission requirements.

  May I Modify One Of Your Styles?

Yes, most styles may be modified in many ways based on your requirements. Please contact your dealer for more information so they may collaborate with you on your specific needs.

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