Making  Sure             it  Fits

CONSIDER YOUR ENTRY OPTIONS Think about which door offers the easiest access for delivery. Consider garage and patio doors that may offer more clearance. For multi-unit buildings, find out if you have access to a service entrance. DOORWAYS AND HALLWAYS Measure the width and height of your doorways and hallways, taking into account any handrails, doorknobs or trim that cannot be removed. ELEVATORS Measure the height and width of the elevator door and the interior height, width and depth. Also take the diagonal measurement from the bottom center of the door opening to the back ceiling. Be aware of handrails and overhead lights in the elevator and include them in your measurements. CLEARING THE PATH Consider removing these common obstacles before delivery or include them in your measurements if they cannot be removed: light fixtures, handrails, wall art or decorative items, fire extinguishers and sprinklers, and angled or low ceilings. STAIRWAYS Start by measuring the width of your stairway. Include handrails in your measurements if they cannot be removed. Next, measure your stairway ceiling height in three locations: 1) from the bottom step to the ceiling 2) from any landings to the ceiling and 3) from the top step to the ceiling. Finally, measure the width and depth of any landings. If the top or bottom of your stairway leads into a wall instead of an open space, measure the distance from the stairs to the wall. ​ ARRANGING YOUR FURNITURE Keep in mind how much access you'll need to outlets, vents, light switches and thermostats in your room. Our Delivery Partner will place your new furniture exactly where you want it.